March 2024

March is painting a future of work that is both exciting and evolving! Automation is humming quietly in the background, taking over repetitive tasks, but don't fear the robots - they're creating new opportunities in data analysis and AI.
Meanwhile, the remote revolution is in full swing, with companies embracing flexible work arrangements and tools to keep everyone connected, no matter where they work.
And if you want to add a new buzzword to your vocabulary, here’s one, thanks to Professor Ethan Mollick at Wharton!
Secret Cyborg: an employee who uses AI to enhance their job but is afraid to reveal their identity.

Let’s explore this evolving landscape of HR Tech trends, focusing on the pivotal role of automation in process enhancement. Follow us on a journey through the dynamic world of HR, delving into the constantly shifting workplace terrain.

AI Won't Take as Many Jobs as Expected: Study.

A recent study by MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) suggests that the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on jobs might be less severe than anticipated. The study examined the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of AI in comparison to human labor. Currently, computer vision AI can automate tasks equivalent to 1.6% of worker wages in the US, excluding agriculture. However, the study indicates that only 23% of these tasks would be economically viable for companies to automate at current costs. In simpler terms, while AI job displacement is expected, the study suggests it will be gradual, allowing room for government policies and retraining initiatives to mitigate unemployment impacts. The research also highlighted that, for now, the cost-effectiveness of AI in replacing human workers is limited, especially in tasks related to visual detection. The study acknowledges that the cost of AI may decrease over time, but it might not happen as rapidly as some predictions suggest, giving industries time to adapt.

Bank of England Governor: AI will not destroy jobs

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey is optimistic that Artificial Intelligence (AI) won't lead to job losses but will enhance human efficiency. The UK's economic assessment indicates that AI investments will boost productivity. The House of Lords committee advises against excessive AI regulation to foster development.

UK Employment Law Updates for 2024

In anticipation of 2024, significant employment law changes are on the horizon, bringing practical implications for HR professionals and business leaders in the United Kingdom. Key modifications include streamlining TUPE consultations for small businesses and those transferring fewer than 10 employees, simplifying the process. Starting April 6, 2024, redundancy protection expands, requiring employers to offer suitable alternative employment during the redundancy process to a broader category of employees, including those on family leave. Other changes encompass the ability to roll up holiday pay for atypical workers, the option for workers to carry over annual leave, enhanced protections against sexual harassment, and flexible working adjustments allowing employees to request flexibility from day one of employment. Working pattern protections, carer's leave, and amendments to paternity leave rights are also scheduled. Moreover, the government aims to cap post-employment non-compete clauses at a maximum of three months. As the prospect of a General Election looms, the Labour Party pledges an Employment Rights Bill within the first 100 days of office, foreseeing transformative changes like uncapped unfair dismissal awards and the prohibition of zero-hours contracts. Stay tuned for further updates on these evolving regulations.

The lack of clear guidelines and training is evident, with 7 in 10 workers globally having never received proper training on the safe and ethical use of generative AI. The survey also highlights unethical behaviors, such as passing off AI work as their own and exaggerating AI skills to secure job opportunities. The findings emphasize the need for businesses to establish clear guidelines and provide training to ensure the responsible use of generative AI in the workplace.

Transitioning from paper-based processes to the digital frontier is like stepping into a new world. It's not just changing how we do things; it's about making work feel different and more modern. Here, we've got some tips and tricks for you—real-life stuff you can easily do. And guess what? Our HR Geckos platform is with you, ensuring this change feels like a breeze. Picture a workplace where things are smoother and faster, and everyone's working together. So, let's dive into these simple tips with HR Geckos by your side, making your transition as easy and friendly as possible. Get ready for a workplace that's not just different but better, thanks to HR Geckos!

Start with the Why: Communicate the reasons behind the shift to your team. Whether saving time, reducing errors, or enhancing collaboration, understanding the 'why' helps everyone get on board.

Explore Your Current Landscape: Stroll through your existing paper-based HR processes. Identify pain points and areas that seem ripe for improvement. Our HR Geckos platform is designed to alleviate these challenges, offering intuitive solutions to streamline your workflow.

Lean on User-Friendly Tech: Choosing the right tools can make all the difference. Our HR Geckos platform, with its user-friendly interface, simplifies the transition. Its intuitive design ensures that even those less familiar with tech can navigate seamlessly.

Training Made Easy: Transitioning to digital doesn't mean diving into the unknown. Our platform comes with comprehensive training resources, making it easy for your team to become digital HR champions. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Customization for Your Needs: One size doesn’t fit all. Our HR Geckos platform is customizable to adapt to your unique HR processes. Tailor it to fit your organization like a glove, ensuring a smooth, personalized experience.

Feedback Matters: Our journey together doesn't end with implementation. We value your feedback. Our platform is a work in progress, and we're committed to continuous improvement based on your insights.

Integration Harmony: Say goodbye to silos. Our HR Geckos platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, creating a harmonious flow of information. No more disconnected data; it's all in one place.

Guided Implementation: Don't worry about feeling lost. Our platform comes with a guided implementation process. We're not just handing you a tool; we're walking alongside you, ensuring you feel confident at every step.

Celebrate Small Wins: Each step towards a paperless HR function is a victory. Celebrate those wins! Our platform is designed to deliver tangible improvements, giving you reasons to celebrate as you embrace digital transformation.

A Partner in Your Journey: Transitioning is a journey, not a destination. Consider us your companions on this adventure. Our HR Geckos platform is not just a tool; it's a partner dedicated to making your HR processes more efficient, enjoyable, and future-ready.

Let's embark on this digital HR journey together, with HR Geckos leading the way!
9 Workplace Trends for 2024 That Will Change Our Work Lives

Wondering what's in store for work in 2024? Fast Company has the lowdown on 9 trends shaping the workplace. The labor market seems stable, but some folks feel less optimistic about it. Unfortunately, diversity and inclusion programs might take a hit, but smart companies are focusing on skill-based hiring and keeping remote work policies. Benefits are adapting, with part-timers getting more attention and eligibility starting from day one. Good news for job seekers! Many companies plan to hire, especially gig workers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is stepping up in the hiring process. More applicants are using tools like ChatGPT for resumes, and hiring managers are emphasizing skills over degrees. This shift benefits both companies and job seekers, opening up opportunities. Job hunting in 2024 involves AI skills gaining prominence, but soft skills still matter. Upskilling is a big trend, ensuring your skills stay relevant in the changing job landscape.

Josh Bersin's HR Outlook for 2024: A Roadmap for Success

Josh Bersin outlines several transformative predictions for the HR landscape in 2024. He foresees a significant paradigm shift where AI will impact every company and job, prompting a relentless pursuit of productivity. Traditional hiring cycles are evolving, urging companies to "hoard talent," invest in productivity, and strategically redeploy resources for growth. The current workforce landscape involves a 3.8% unemployment rate, labor shortages, and an empowered workforce making demands for pay raises and flexibility. Career dynamics are shifting towards skills-based paths, with employees feeling empowered to change jobs and explore different industries. Global workforce changes, declining fertility rates, and the rise of labor unions contribute to a dynamic environment. To navigate these shifts, Bersin emphasizes the importance of high-retention models, focusing on pay equity, hybrid work structures, and internal career development.

HR Technology in 2024: GenAI, Analytics and Skills Tech

In 2024, HR technology is evolving with a focus on generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), advanced analytics, and skills technology. Forward-thinking companies are advised to continue investing in employee experience (EX), emphasizing its long-term benefits. GenAI is moving from experimentation to broader adoption, prompting HR leaders to prioritize reskilling programs. Change management strategies are gaining importance for the effective adoption of new HR software. Employee engagement surveys are being rethought to combat survey fatigue, with an emphasis on meaningful measurement tools. Skills technologies, including AI-driven skills ontologies, are aiding skill-based hiring and promoting strategies. Predictive analytics tools are growing, enabling HR to enhance workforce planning and data-driven decision-making. Despite challenges, HR technology in 2024 is geared towards positive employee experiences, effective change management, and data-driven decisions.


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We found some new reads to stay ahead of HR and the future of work trends! What is on your HR bookshelf this month?


Agile Transformation: Structures, Processes and Mindsets for the Digital Age by Neil Perkin (March 2023)


Tech-Led Culture: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business and People by Duena Blomstrom (October 2023)

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As we step into March, let's make it a month of easy-going vibes and compliance. Give your checklist a quick once-over, mark those dates that really matter, and gear up for a month that's both successful and stress-free.

1 March 2024: National Employee Appreciation Day

1 March 2024: Form M-1 Filing Deadline

2 March 2024: Electronically submit OSHA Form 300A for 2023

10 March 2024: Daylight Saving Time begins

15 March 2024: Form 8809 E-filing deadline

31 March 2024: Deadline to file annual income tax returns

As March unfolds, we're immersed in a month teeming with fresh endeavors, innovative ideas, and the industrious efforts of HR professionals harnessing technology at its best. Whether it's experimenting with cutting-edge HR tech solutions or wholeheartedly embracing the potential of process automation, your passion for adopting the latest tools has been truly inspiring and instrumental. As we draw the curtains on this edition, a heartfelt shoutout to all the dedicated HR professionals in our community. Cheers to your limitless enthusiasm and the boundless possibilities ahead!
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