HR Geckos is among the Top 6 Startups at the HR Technology Conference Pitchfest

From an initial field of more than 100 HR tech startups, six finalists competed for the $25k prize - HR Geckos, VirgilHR,, Manifest, Collabwork, and Sholder.

Pitchfest is one of the most popular events at the conference, drawing large crowds to watch HR tech startups pitch their companies.

In addition to Michel Stokvis, senior director of the Randstad Innovation Fund, judges for the event were Steve Boese, chair of the HR Technology Conference & Exposition; Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research; Tim Sackett, president of HRU Technical Resources; Katherine Salguero, senior investment analyst of the Randstad Innovation Fund; Kim Seals, senior partner with West Monroe. George LaRocque, founder and principal analyst of WorkTech, was the event’s host, presiding over all four rounds of competition and providing data and insights.

Judges’ votes accounted for 70% of the final tally; audience votes, which were cast using a QR code, accounted for the remainder.

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